About us

A long, long time ago...

in the fare europe, in Germany...

a man tryed to become friendship with lipos

he tryes to replace his NiMh and NCd batteries with

the new lipo-technology should had more power, more drive-time

he thought and belived all what was written on ebay from the cn-salesmen

and it should be cheaper, held longer, more fun, so he ordered a lot of it, he belive all...

when he used his brandnew lipos, his boat didnt drive faster, it stops all 5 seconds for a moment

he couldnt belive it. he changed it back to NiMh - and his boat runs as before. he realize he bouhgt for hundreds

of euro crap. and he thought, he saved his money... so he bought from an european company. the lipos run, run really good.

so he was happy. but after some uses the lipos become big und fluffy. more than the double money he paid, the result - unhappy again.


hi said : what you can - i can do also, but better !

This moment the idea for mylipo was born. In this moment in 2006.


in 2009 mylipo starts to develope own lipos, fare from mainstream, special lipos for special modells



thanks for reading,






if you are able to read this, you dont need googles